FOODS’CO s.a FOODSCO is a public limited company with a capital of 3 billion CFA francs whose main activities are: the processing of agro-industrial products, foodstuffs.

An agro-industrial company born in 2018 and focusing on the promotion of cashew products. The factory is now present throughout the cashew nut processing chain, from shelling to cooking and finished products.


Born by the creation of the CAREBIO Cooperative (Roucou & Cajou Bio & Ethique), which preceded the construction and entry into production of the Béoumi plant in January 2020 with a first production module of 25 tons / day of shelling, 6 tons / day of roasting and packaging..

CEO interview on the FOODS'CO Project


Under the Anacadi brand, as well as the culinary paste in jars and seals, are entering mass distribution and supermarkets from October 2020 with a very good reception from the market.

FOODS’CO s.a is recognized for its socio-economic impact directly by its agro-industrial group, but also through its CAREBIO Cooperative in the Béoumi region.

On February 6, 2021, on the occasion of its official inauguration FOODS’CO s.a presented its trophy for Best agri-food company for the year 2020 (Business Awards 2020) won after a hard fight, against other very large nominated companies with more than 2 decades of activity. Similarly, in January 2021, the aggressive action to popularize cashew-derived products (culinary paste in particular) on the local market is underway.

Under its leitmotif products of very high technological level conveying strong cultural values

FOODS’CO s.a, takes advantage of the label of 1st company with 100% national capital of this level of technicality, internal expertise, this operational reliability, and this economic viability of reference in the sector; And this despite his very young age.