Acarcard/ General Assembly of the Aprotic: On the strength of achievements, President Sanogo Tahirou dreams of a more dynamic association for the happiness of the members

Abidjan on February 11, 2023 The General Assembly of the Association of Professionals, Transformers and Industrials of Cajou (APROTIC) was held this Friday at the headquarters of the said organization at the 2 Aghien trays.

Sanogo Tahirou CEO of Foods’co, President of the Aprotic takes stock 2022 of their activities

The Professional Association of Cajou Industrial Transformers (APROTIC) held its ordinary general assembly to take stock, the inventory and project itself into the future, especially with specific perspectives.

The environment of the aprotic

Before doing the moral assessment, The president of the aprotic, Sanogo Tahirou, sacrificed to tradition by wishing a happy new year 2023 to the members of the aprotic.

Giving inventory, he said that the environment of the sector is difficult with the harsh competition. ‘’ We are on the ground with competitors from India, Vietnam, Brazil and others who have completely different data than ours. Those who have been in the trade for a very long time, know that financial balances are difficult (...) even with the grant, the slightest management error is fatal '', he said, before pointing out a lot of companies have put the key under the doormat because of the difficult environment.

Speaking of the environment, he talked about the price of raw materials and insecurity around these prices, while the coast is the world's leading producer. He recognized the efforts of the State in favor of actors in the sector, but added that it should do more.

Referring to the case of derivative products, he said that the aprotic cannot take advantage of it. ‘’ Derivated products are not taken into account here. Which is not the case elsewhere, "he deplored.

He also mentioned the difficulties encountered for business creation. In short, he deplored the environment in which players in the sector evolve. But "it's going to change," he hopes. He finds the subsidy insufficient (400 francs).

He took the opportunity to talk about the association whose goal is to help members take advantage of what they are doing, adding that the association is not only intended to claim the subsidy. He urged members to ensure that the aprotic works in the social.

The overall environment of cashews being evolving, the aprotic must try to upgrade. A company always has challenges. This is the reason why the aprotic wants to put all the intelligences together to move forward.

For the president, the association must find the means to self-finance it concluded.

‘’ We need everyone's experiences to avoid mistakes ’’

Ms. Toure Massogbê, Vice-President of Aprotic

For her part, the vice-president Ms. Touré Massogbê wanted each member to wonder what he did for the advancement of the aprotic and asked for all the skills. Associated with her 37 years of experience in the field, she has provided rich and wise advice to her cadets.

We need everyone's experiences to avoid mistakes. We have to come to the aprotic with the firm conviction to win. (...) Because this year is the year of Aprotic. And for that, it takes a personal involvement of each of us, '' she concluded.

Each member had the opportunity to express himself and make suggestions. Everyone recognized the work already shot. However, they wanted information tours and exchange experiences so that the aprotic is even more efficient.

Regarding the prospects and the next steps, several things are planned. The key meetings are planned with the difference in Sietta (March 2023) and Sara (June 2023) as a challenge. In the various ones, the president of the aprotic insisted on the fact of making the association a beautiful team and a beautiful family.