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Foods' Co – Tout le bien-être en une amande

Foods' Co S.A.

Ivorian Tradition

We’re a Cote d’Ivoire-based cashew manufacturing company deeply committed to our local community, sustainability, and empowering women. With full control over the entire process, from farming to processing, we ensure top-quality, delicious cashews ready for store shelves.

Foods' Co S.A.

Cashew Excellence

Elevate your brand with the superior quality of our cashews or delight your clients with our Premium Anacadi packaged cashew products.

Our many certifications, including Kosher and FDA approvals, guarantee world class quality products with every purchase!

Anacadi Packaged Products:

Anacadi Ready to Market

Save time and money with our Anacadi packaged products to fast-track market readiness and offer you high quality in eye-catching packaging.

Our high-quality, Kosher, and FDA-approved cashews guarantee value for your investment, all while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. 

Our products

Wholesale High quality cashews:

Your Brand, Our Quality

Make either a wholesale order, allowing you to personalize our products with your branding, or purchase our ready-to-market  Anacadi products and save you time and money with our premium packaging. 

The Health Benefits of Cashews Nuts

Cashew nuts, prized for their rich flavor and creamy texture, offer an array of health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, they promote heart health, aid in weight management, and boost immunity. Côte d’Ivoire stands out as the leading global producer of raw cashews, supplying a significant portion of the world’s supply. Learn More about the benefits of Cashews.

Enjoy The Best Cashews from the World's Top Raw Producer:
Cote D'Ivoire

Since its introduction in the 1960s, Cote d’Ivoire swiftly emerged as the global leader in raw cashew nut production, with the cashew industry becoming a beacon of hope for disadvantaged regions. Despite becoming the leading global producer and exporter of raw cashew nuts, with vast plantations covering over 750,000 hectares, only a small fraction undergoes processing domestically. 

The Ivorian government aims to change this through the National Agricultural Investment Programme (PNIA), targeting to process 50% of locally produced cashews by 2025. This initiative aims to unlock the industry’s full potential and enhance its socio-economic impact through incentivizing investments in processing.


Seventy percent of exported Ivoirian nuts have a Kernel Output Ratio (KOR) greater than 45.


Ivorian exported nuts maintain a 9.6% moisture content, meeting the industry’s preferred range of 8-10%.

From Factory to Finished Product
Learn More About Our High-quality Production Process

Take a detailed look at our company’s journey from the factory to the finished product. Explore the practical steps and innovative techniques that turn raw materials into high-quality products. Join us for a straightforward tour, uncovering the precision and dedication at every stage of our production process.

Our News

FOODS’CO rewarded at the Great Taste Awards
Queen Maxima of the Netherlands at FoodsCo.
The Foods’co Foundation wants to contribute to the empowerment of women and young people in Béoumi
Christmas celebration in Béoumi
Gift from Mr. SANOGO Tahirou General Manager of FOODS’CO S.A to the Lycée Moderne of Béoumi

FOODS'CO rewarded at the Great Taste Awards Beyond their visual charm, our Natural flavor grilled Anacadi have been acclaimed for their taste excellence by professional juries. Share on whatsapp Share

9 August 2022

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands at Foods' CO Share on whatsapp Share on facebook Share on linkedin Royal commitment to Inclusinve Development: Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Visits FoodsCo in

6 July 2022

The Foods'co Foundation wants to contribute to the empowerment of women and young people in Béoumi For us, it is about lifting a lot of young people and women out

22 March 2022

Foods’Co hosts a Christmas Party at Beoumi Factory Share on whatsapp Share on facebook Share on linkedin Foods'co S.A. Christmas Party: Celebrating with the Children of Béoumi and Honoring our

24 December 2021

FOODS’CO CEO donates masks to Béoumi school Your browser does not support the audio element. Share on whatsapp Share on facebook Share on linkedin Foods'Co CEO Donates 4,765 Face Masks

12 October 2021

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En face du, Commissariat de Police du 4ème Arrondissement, Rue de la Glacière, Treichville Zone 3, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.